Introducing: The CookBook Project!

6 Dec

Finally I have some time this week to post about the new work I’m involved in: The CookBook Project!

I was browsing online for work opportunities in food advocacy and stumbled upon this wonderful organization based in West Roxbury. I sent in an inquiry letter to Alissa and Adam, the founders of the group about internship opportunities and was hired in a week! (Speaking of timing…)

The group is small – there are Alissa, Adam, me and four grant writers working to get us funding, but the amount of work we do is HUGE! The CookBook Project facilities food-oriented workshops in partner with youth groups worldwide and educate kids on sustainable consumption, cooking, hygiene, and community building through food. With the help of some grant money, Alissa and Adam have already conducted nine workshops since last year, amazing! The group also leads a local leaders program, where individuals and groups can learn how to raise funds, increase awareness and run their own CookBook Project workshops.

I was ecstatic to be involved: to be given the opportunity to manage the group’s entire communication and social media operation is very hard to come by, and plus I am building the group’s social media presence from ground zero. I developed a social media marketing plan for the group and jumped right into networking, facebooking and tweeting. We are also launching a blog on our site very soon. While social media has given small organizations unparalleled power to reach new audience, partners and donors, I never realized how difficult it is to build a brand from nothing. (If we do good work, people will just magically follow us right?) Everything was largely done through word of mouth before, but we are hoping the new online presence will bring us more traffic, visitors and donations.

WIth all that said, I hope you can take a few minutes to check out our website,, like us on Facebook and interact with us on Twitter! If you are interested in working with us to host a workshop, email us at If you have any tips for a clueless first-time social media marketer like myself, please write to me through the contact forum on top of this page!

Meet the new TNGG lifestyle writer

25 Oct

Hi Readers:

If you haven’t already noticed, I started writing for the Next Great Generation‘s lifestyle section last month! So far, I’ve published two feature pieces on food and contributed to a recipe post. So click around, make comments, and let me know what you think I should cover! You can also expect a new recipe post from me soon!

Organic Food Myths Busted! A Student Guide to Eating Healthy, Local Foods

Published on TNGG on Sep 23, 2011

Do you ever feel lured by those colorful “organic” labels in your neighborhood Trader Joe’s? Does the slogan “Natural and Organic Grocery” make you want to shop at Whole Foods Market?

Now, raise your hand if you know what organic food really means.Perhaps you do, but I’ll be bold enough to suggest even those who claim to keep an organic diet harbor misunderstanding about organic options in the market.Continue reading on TNGG

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Recipes for Fall

Published on TNGG on Oct 2, 2011

Prime apple picking season is upon us. While the Northeast may be facing a pumpkin shortage (yes, I know, sad but true) for the upcoming Halloween season, apples seem plentiful now that they are ready for picking. There’s nothing better than picking an apple from the orchard, cleaning it off on the sleeve of your hoodie, and biting into the crispy, juicy fruit — well, except for family favorite apple recipes.

Continue reading on TNGG

Oh Baby I Like it Raw: A Three-Day Diet Experiment

Published on TNGG on Oct 19, 2011

Vegetarianism and veganism have gotten so popular they are already passé. Slow food movement? That’s from the ’80s. Organic food trend? So last year. Welcome to a new extreme fad: raw foodism.

Die-hard raw foodists call the diet “revolutionary” and “life-changing,” citing weight loss, detoxification, and radiant health. Though this health-conscious cook needed no weight loss, I decided to give the diet a try…

Continue reading on TNGG

Speaking of Food: a new blog!

10 Aug

Good afternoon readers:

Two things you need to know about me: 1. I love studying languages. 2. I love food. And that’s why I started a new blog: Speaking of Food! I will write weekly about my discovery in the language of food and food in our language, and post food photos that I shoot in restaurants, markets and my own kitchen. Please check out the blog and let me know what you think!

Points of Departure: My Second Language

19 Jun

Last month, I was featured on BU Today as part of the graduating seniors series. I talked about my four years at BU, study abroad program in Spain, and the importance of studying foreign languages. The filming was a bit nerve-wracking: it was hard for me to articulate my experience on that spot because there was so much. I was trying to have a candid conversation to my potential viewers, but as soon as the camera went on, my smile disappeared!

I was imitated to watch the final product (because I kept thinking all the better things I could have said!), but I’ve received so many emails/texts/Facebook posts from my friends, professors and people I didn’t know about how inspirational the talk was. The video was also reposted On BUniverse,  BU Now and College of Communication’s website. So I thought I would share it on my site.

To watch the original video and a shortened written posts, visit BU Today.

You can also watch the Youtube video here. Enjoy! Please write to me on your thoughts.

Hello world!

14 Apr

Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Yue Huang and I’m a senior at Boston University majoring in magazine journalism.  Feel free to look around and check out my writing!


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